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Community Knowledge Regarding Elderly Care Programs

Community senior care in Queens NY highlight elder care issues in the community and solve the problems faced by elderly people. It plays a vital role in tackling the problems of anxiety, depression, stress, life crisis and grief found in elders. Adult homes in a community are perfect places to give elder care under the guidance of qualified personnel. Fitness programs scheduled in the community provides physical health and mental relaxation. Competitive and health focused programs conducted in senior centers; parks and recreation places are very useful in creating a happy living for the elderly.

Community medical personnel make monthly visits to the elderly in their area to make sure that their health issues are addressed and treated if necessary. These regular visits are vital to the well being of senior citizens in the community.

No, No, No Emeralds in Engagement Rings!

I had a very nice young couple in looking for engagement rings the other day. I liked that both of them came in together because it ultimately means that the young woman will get exactly what she wants. Well almost…..She wanted an engagement ring with an emerald set in it. I get these requests a few times per year and it’s always a bit disappointing for the purchaser when I have to tell them about the risks of emeralds in rings.

Gem materials are described by gemologists as gemstones when they have beauty, rarity, and durability. Some of these three descriptions are a little challenging today. I have seen quite a few gemstones that the word beauty is a bit of a challenge for. With modern mining techniques it seems like there is an endless supply of gem materials, especially diamonds, although this is not actually true (it takes mining one ton of rock to end up with 1 carat of diamond and some stones, with tanzanite as a prime example, being effectively mined out of existence in a generation or two). Durability is an even trickier issue because gems like opals are certainly beautiful and rare (well the finer ones are) but they are quite fragile as gemstones go. And this durability issue is the problem I want to discuss today.

When customers come to me and say they don’t want a diamond in their engagement ring (and many do—let’s not forget Princess Diana’s large sapphire ring) I routinely tell them that I only recommend diamonds, rubies and sapphires for engagement rings because they are the most durable of the gem materials. This doesn’t mean you can’t scratch or break them at all, as anything worn every day of your life will tend to get banged around quite a bit, but it does mean that they have the highest hardness of the natural gem materials available to us. Fortunately sapphires come in a wide variety of colors including blue, pink, purple, orange, yellow, white, black (as in star sapphires) and a pretty ugly green (we’ll get back to that in a minute). When corundum (which is what sapphire and ruby are) is red, it’s a ruby; so it’s the same gem material as sapphire but it’s called a ruby when it’s red.

Emeralds are actually a fairly hard gemstone when measured on the Mohs scale of hardness. Diamond is a 10, corundum is a 9 and beryl (the gem family that emerald is from) is approximately an 8. The scale, however, is not what it seems. The differences in numbers only reflect which next harder material will scratch the one below it. The relative hardness is quite different. Diamond is approximately 90 times harder than sapphire. There is also some variation within the same material. Aquamarine, another member of the beryl family is a true 8 on the scale but emerald comes in closer to 7 1/2.

So part of the problem with emerald as an engagement ring (or any every day wear ring) is that the hardness simply isn’t high enough to take normal daily abuse. However there are two other problems with emeralds. Almost all emerald material is at least lightly included and much of it heavily included. This is called “jardin” (French for garden) sometimes, in an attempt to glorify what would be completely unacceptable in other gem materials. All of these inclusions in emeralds tend to mean the stone is much more fragile than other gem materials. However there is an additional problem. Emerald is routinely treated with either oil or various fracture filling substances in order to hide the inclusions. Oil, and some of the fracture fillers, can leach out over time simply due to normal wearing (washing hands, exposure to cleaning chemicals, etc.), or due to regular cleanings at your favorite jeweler. (For more on gemstone treatments please see this article andthis one.) This will mean that the look of the stone can change over time as well, so one day you look down at your pretty stone and say that’s not the beautiful gem I remember!

Okay, you say, I won’t get an emerald so surely there is another green gemstone that is more durable! Well easier said then done. There really isn’t any other gem stone that has a real emerald color. Tourmaline comes in a range of striking greens (although not the same green as emerald) and greenish blues but tourmaline has a scratch hardness lower than emerald. My wife has a tourmaline engagement ring. It started out at 10.50 ct. and we’re down to 9.50 ct. after repeated repolishings to clean up the stone after she scratched it. She now only wears it occasionally (but fortunately, because she’s MY wife, she has a multitude of other rings to wear on that finger). Another customer of mine who insisted on a tourmaline (despite an onslaught of warnings from me) just had to have her stone repolished after only a few years of wear. There was literally nothing left of the top facets on the stone. There are, as I mentioned above, green sapphires, but the color of the green leaves a little something to be desired as it tends towards a paler, lime like green with tinges of blue in it. More durable yes. As pretty, no.

So if you want an emerald in your engagement ring, just be prepared to replace it occasionally. Fine emeralds, however, can be very expensive stones so it can be quite a hit. Or you could get a ring with a number of smaller emeralds in it. That way at least, if you should have to replace some, it won’t cost you quite as much.

The ring pictured above is a sapphire and diamond engagement ring with a natural color (unheated) blue sapphire.

I’d like to welcome any new readers who find me from the site and encourage you to check out the link on the side of the page here to my blog directory. I have been writing this blog for a number of years and have covered quite a bit of information. The directory can help you get to the articles you might have the most interest in. All comments are appreciated but I do filter them for content so if you shouldn’t see yours that may be the reason.

Help Find Clothes That Fit

As a trans woman it can become very frustrating when trying to find clothing that both fit and look flattering on your body; after all, women’s clothes aren’t even designed for natal born women, let alone trans women!

For me the best thing to do was to do a little bit or research. I found the key is that once you understand your body shape it is pretty easy to find the resources to learn how to look and feel your best, even if you have a more masculine shape (called an inverted triangle)! There are clothes that fit and look good and their are tips you can use… You just have to know where to start, and that is finding your shape.

The basic body shapes are:
Want some suggestions?
I have put together (and will continue to add) some suggested outfit posts… Although this may just be a way for me to share some style related posts 🙂

Get the suggestionsHour Glass
People with hour glass figures have a defined waist with their hips and bust being roughly the same size with their waist being well defined.

People with a pear shape will have full hips and thighs with a defined waist. Their shoulders and bust will be smaller than their hips. Woman with pear shaped bodies generally want to pull attention up and away from the hips.

People with apple shaped bodies have an fuller undefined waist with average to average busts. They will typically have a wider back, flatter bum, and smaller arms and legs. The object here is to draw attention away from the mid section and towards the bust and / or legs.

Inverted Triangle
People with this shape have broader shoulders than hips. Their will be little difference between waist and hip size. This and apple seems to be the body shape I have noticed most commonly among trans women. The goal here is to minimize the shoulders / bust while accentuating the hips.

People with this figure have no real definition. This is also called the “Boy Shape” but this is misleading. This does not equate to “man shaped”. People with this shape have narrow shoulders, a small bust, a poorly defined waist, and little to no hip definition. The goal here is to give the body some kind of shape.

Advice for finding clothes that fit
As far as basic general advice I can offer the following:
Bootcut pants and jeans are your friend. They look good on everyone.
Flared skirts and dresses are great for most shapes where we want to accentuate the hips and create a waist.
Dark colors help to minimize, lighter colors accentuate. To pull attention down try a light colored skirt with a darker top.
Belts might help to create a waist. I don’t mean wear one as tight as possible… I mean having one on that fits at or around the belly button might help. Also, if you have an apple body shape belts may be a bad idea, especially wider ones.
Tight fitting clothes (especially on top) only accents the masculine form. (Think cute guy in a tight t-shirt).  Generally we want sturucture without the material being to clingy.
Below are some additional highlights and links to more in depth articles on specific topics we as trans women may run into.

Broad Shoulders
This is a particularly common problem with trans women. Luckily there are a number of neck line and sleeve options to help minimize broad shoulders. Please check out my article on this. Also, dark colors really help… Bright flowery patterns generally do not.

Narrow Hips
This is another problem with many trans women… Like I said above, boot cut pants are great here as the add bulk lower on the leg. Also flared skirts are great. I find what works best for me is a light colored flared skirt with a dark v neck.

Unfortunately pencil skirts are hard to pull off with narrow hips and wide shoulders but I do have a post with some tips to finding a pencil skirt that does actually fit.

As a last resort you could also buy some butt padding. This may sound silly but they do work and they are quite popular evenamoung cis women.

Shoes and Boots
Like many women a lot of us gravitate towards cute shoes cause well… They are cute. I certainly can relate. I will warn that you should learn to walk in heels if you plan on wearing them… Preferably before you even buy a pair. ALso, don’t worry to much about your shoe size. If you have larger feet you may need to order your shoes but a lot of cissexual women are in the same boat.

One other problem I have always had in this area as well is finding boots. Most boot shafts are designed to accommodate wider calfs. Finding boots to fit more narrow calfs can be challenging but it is not impossible.

More on Dressing Your Body Shapes
Shop Your Shape – To be honest I wouldn’t “shop” from this site (mainly I like to try things on) but there are some wonderful tools. Just plug in your measurements and they will not only give you an explanation of your body shape but also what styles of clothing will look most flattering. Once your shape is calculated they give you information and suggestions including what kind of shirt sleeves look best on you, what types of pants look flattering and what style skirts look best!

On a side note: I promise I will learn how to spell!

Women’s Work-wear Fashions of World War II

When the United States entered World War II, unprecedented numbers of women entered the ranks of factory workers, helping American industry meet the wartime production demands for planes, tanks, ships, and weapons, as well as filling non war related positions. It was here that the most famous image of female patriotism in World War II emerged, Rosie the Riveter. In 1944, 37 percent of all adult women were employed and comprised 35.4 percent of the civilian labor force.
Rosie the Riveters were largely responsible for keeping the American economy moving forward, and often, these women did it with style. Working male-dominated jobs, many with a labor component, required that many working women don pants, denim, hats, and boots for the first time.
Many women’s work wear outfits consisted of altered civilian clothing. Most women found a way to incorporate their personal, often feminine identity into their work-wear. Some women wore latest hair style, accessory, and often heels. Others preferred to adopt the styles of their male counterparts or sometimes wearing their husbands clothing.
These working women changed the norms of fashion forever. The masqulization of feminine styles and feminize-ation of traditional male clothing created classics that can be found in every woman’s wardrobe today. For the first time, women working in factories and doing other forms of “men’s work” wore trousers when the work demanded it. Most importantly, these working women shifted the trajectory of women into the workforce forever.
While skilled female workers made an average weekly wage of $31.21, skilled male workers earned $54.65 weekly. Regardless of obvious wage divide, between 1943 and 1945 polls indicated that 61 to 85 percent of women workers wanted to keep their jobs after the war (see Hartmann, The Home Front and Beyond: American Women in the 1940s, 1982).
Photographs courtesy of The Libraby of Congress Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information Color Photographs –  Compiled photos from for the Office of War Information (OWI) between 1939 and 1944.
“Women are trained to do precise and vital engine installation detail in Douglas Aircraft Company plants, Long Beach, Calif.”
“Agnes Cliemka, age 23, married and husband may be going into the service any day.”


“American mothers and sisters, like these women at the Douglas Aircraft Company, give important help in producing dependable planes for their men at the front…”
 “…Publicizing salvage campaign in yard of Douglas Aircraft Company.”
“Lunchtime brings Sand bags for protection against air raid form the background.”
“One of the girls of Vilter [Manufacturing] Co. filing small gun parts.”
 “Mrs. Dorothy Lucke, employed as a wiper at the roundhouse, Clinton, Iowa.”
“Women wipers of the Chicago and North Western Railroad cleaning one of the giant locomotives…”
 This compilation included some snap shots of women that did not get the chance to work for their country. “Japanese-American camp, war emergency evacuation, [Tule Lake Relocation Center, Newell, Calif.”
Get the look…
Make your own 1940s Jumpsuit
Vintage 1940s White Perforated Oxford
1940’s navy blue deep pocketed dress
WWII Era Brown and Charcoal 49er Jacket

Vintage Retro Pinup Hair Snood Crocheted from 1940’s Design

Handmade dress by Brightest Star Sea Foam Blue Green Stripes Wrap around dress S/M French ticking Cotton
 1940’s Dark Indigo Denim High Waisted Wide Leg Side Zip Jeans
 1940s Jumpsuit
Vintage Pinup Plaid Blouse
Vintage 1940’s WWII Era Gingham Dress

Health & Wealth of Gemstones

For thousands of years gemstones have played a part in all cultures through the highest orders of religion and Egyptian Pharaohs which in both cases have been well documented. The Egyptian High Priests believed in using gemstones to generate the properties of certain crystals to amplify the power within to a higher level. The Gemstone crystals most used in ancient Egypt was Carnelian, lapis lazuli, turquoise, emerald and clear quartz.

This can be seen within the Jewish religion where in the Old Testament where Moses was ordered to create a breastplate (ephod), to be worn by a chosen high priest, in which within the ephod specially held gemstones to represent each of the houses of Israel. It was thought that God would communicate via his judgement through these stones to denote his instruction of orders to the children of Israel.

Thousands of years ago cultures such as the Egyptians and the Chinese long knew about the healing power properties of the gemstone crystals. Because of the secret knowledge of the use of the crystals, those that knew the practice were deemed very powerful and likes of the highest orders of religion and royalty knew this and as such ensured that they were kept close and the use of this practice made available to the rich and powerful.

Such examples of this practice are well known even to this very day:-

Chinese Acupuncture using crystal needles

Pranic healing no-touch energy healing

Ayurveda, Hinduism and Buddhism origin, using the art of Chakra to obtain the body and mind spiritual balance of life

The Mayans, Incas and native Indians also shared in the power of quartz crystals for healing on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. They also used crystals to diagnose diseases.

Most Gemstones are very old, sometimes millions and or billions of years old and have endured varying kind of miraculous traumatic force of nature, that was necessary to create them, such as earth quakes.For this reason gemstones are very powerful and by wearing them we can be near that power.

Learning more about gemstones and their properties, symbology and meanings can enhance our lives.
Healing Gemstones are spoken and described by many, but I have mentioned the most popular and the most powerful from centuries of old, scientific and religious.

Lapis lazuli – strengthens the immune system, also purifies blood, lowers blood pressure, cooling and soothing inflammation relief

Turquoise – aids in the absorption of nutrients, strengthens the immune system, aids the regeneration of tissue, and heals the whole body

Carnelian – Carnelian treats lower back problems, rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia and depression.

Emerald – Emerald helps in such disorders of the body major organs such as the heart, lungs and also the lumbar and muscular system, also helps in the healing of nose, eyes conditions and also aids recovery after an infectious disease.

Quartz crystals – Crystal can give physical help in treating vertigo ( it’s widely understood to be the sensation that you, or the environment around you, is moving), chronic fatigue stands for chronic fatigue syndrome, long term tiredness, accompanied with two or more symptoms, such as headaches, joint pains. Chronic means persistent or long-term

Chrysolite (Peridot) – Peridot (Also known as) strengthens the immune system, metabolism and benefits the skin. It aids disorders of the heart, thymus, lungs, gallbladder, spleen and intestinal tract.

Topaz – It fortifies the nerves and stimulates the metabolism, helps to restore loss of appetite, healing of wounds and skin eruptions, gall bladder and the endocrine glands

Malachite – helps to lower blood pressure, treats asthma, arthritis and epilepsy. Of the body it aids fractures, swollen joints, travel sickness, vertigo, tumours, the eyes optic nerve, body organs such as the pancreas, spleen and the parathyroid.

Amethyst – helps to strengthen the will by overcoming the withdrawal symptoms of any of addiction syndrome, also help with headaches, sleeping disorder insomnia, arthritis, diabetes, pain relief and circulatory system issues

Hematite – It is said to aid in the improvement of blood flow, relaxes the feeling of tension and the pain of certain diseases, heals blood disorders and damaged body tissue

Jade – aids the body’s filtration and elimination organs by detoxifying and rebuilding itself. It is excellent for treating kidney problems and adrenal glands. The reproductive system, it helps in fertility and childbirth.

Garnet – treats spine Injuries and disorders of the spine, spinal fluid, spinal column, structure and composition. It purifies the major organs such as the heart and lungs. Garnet can also boosts the body’s immune system and lift the body energy levels.

Gemstones have been a sacred and meaningful to mankind since its discovery. Even as early as the time of the caveman, they picked up on these interesting stones and wore them as part of their tribal wear. There is something mysterious, so interesting that these stones provide us with a sense of power and that reason we are intensely attracted by them. We have highlighted the most popular and the most talked about gemstone crystals mentioned most amongst the religious and ancient cults and tribes throughout the century of time.

Best Sites to buy professional sportswear at cheap rates

The Sport is one of the most important activities that every individual living in this world requires. But getting involved in various sports requires varieties of products and sportswear for comfort. Admitting the fact about the market today, sports shops are very rare in market as compared to other clothing shops & to find out the perfect match on those selected shops is not possible on every situation.

Hence, online shopping site for sportswear is always a best option with very flexible options. In online you are getting your full freedom to shop the best cloth and quality cloth in good pricing, something giving you good discount. One of the most famous site for online shopping if you are to shop for some sportswear then it is, the most common site where you can buy cheap and quality sportswear.

Why is good for shopping online? is a good online shopping site for affordable sportswear. gives you a full freedom to shop the best sportswear for you; the site does give you a good platform to look around the jerseys of different sports. Different sports require different jerseys according to the sports rule, the site will provide you with lots of jerseys with different design for different sports.

For different sports there are different collections of jerseys in the category section. You will be able to findout many design jersey in many tabs for men, women and even for the youth, you can also design for your own. Design in a sense there you can get many colours, shades, and numbers etc. so that you can get your full freedom to choose whatever you like to have in your jersey. Apart from getting freedom in designing you can also get the quality jersey in cheap price within 21 of their business days.

They are asking you for 21 business day to deliver your order because of lots of orders every time. Being the site so popular there are many customers who orders their needs to the site. So it will take you some day to deliver your order in your home safely. Hence, is good for online shopping. review:

Looking upon the review from the users

  • User-friendly Interface:

Many users friendly interface are also there in the site like, many users have taken company to the high level because their quality is the best one and also it gives lots of option to choose like that of the shop. Sometime it gives you option more than the sports shop. There are many positive users interface which is really a very good sign for the site also for the customers


  • Easy to Shop: has made easy to shop sportswear by saving money also saving your valuable time. The site also provide you with lots of jersey and sports stuffs immediately which make the users easy to shop, if you are doing shopping for sportswear in the market then it would take you a good time.

  • Steps to buy online:

For buying you would need to follow some of the steps:-

  1. First select your favourite sportswear or design a sportswear according to you.
  2. Then click on buy it now option present on the right side of the screen with green background.
  3. Select the size of your sportswear.
  4. Then after selecting the size click on Add to cart option.
  5. It will take you some time to load, after finished loading click on check out option.
  6. The site will ask you to give some billing address and shipping address, so fill up all the blanks.
  7. Finally select how to pay your order. Hence, your order is successfully attempted.
  8. You can also call to their given number or mail them if you want your order urgently.

So this is up, this is all about the which is one of the most common online shopping site for quality sportswear. If you are surfing this site you will be very excite that you are getting such craze full options that you can do anything with your jersey. If you are having any difficulties to shop or order can contact us in the comment box. Thank you and enjoy buying good and cheap sportswear with your own design.

Introduction And History On Denim From Japan

xdenimio_logopngpagespeedicjRqB5ejPW6Japan denim has a special place in the heart of most people. Denim from the country Japan has a special kind of reputation among the entire world. Some says that what is special in denim from Japan, to get the answer for this statement, one should need to know how the denim is been constructed. You know that japanese denim are well known for their premium construction and they are high quality artisanal craft. First we shall understand how the denim is constructed, denim is made out of cotton twill fabric, where the transverse thread constructed in a best manner, on knowing the transverse thread construction you could able to get down the note how technically the stitches are made in it. the transverse thread  in the denim leave behind maximum 2 or more than 2 threads that is under the longitudinal threads, this is the most technical way of stitches made in the denim of Japan. This makes the traditional jeans of Japan to have a best outcome among the people. If you make a close look to those jeans, you may identify the weft threads that are made inside the jeans of Japan in white color.

Denim Jeans for The Youth

Now a day most of the denim comes out with the synthetic dye, as they are less impurity and at the same time they are cheap and best. Though the denim come out with the synthetic dye, now a day the premium denim are made with the natural dye. The other most important part of the denim material is that the material that is used to make out the denim is the Selvage. One should need to know that the cost held for the preparation of the selvage material takes really high that is it hardly expensive. The combination is also made to it that is with the colors of yellow, white, green and brown and many more else, this brings out the combination into huge success. Till before the 2nd world war a jean are only used by the working class and also by the American GIs, has this situation and trend changed after the second world war. After this period jeans have started to use by the young ones and they have become the youth generation. In this way the denim jeans have created and captured the best place in the heart of the youth and also among the entire people of the world. Now a day denim variety of jeans are become more popular and they also become the one of the dress code to be followed for colleges and also to be followed under an important occasions and club parties, even women have their own dressing code for denim.

Whitening Soap That Worked Like ‘Magic’

flawless-logo (1)Beauty products are on the rise as demand for them is increasing rapidly. With the right products, you can enhance the beauty of your skin and feel confident. They make skin healthier and glowing. Due to the endless benefits, there has been great demand for Whitening Soap and other beauty products. Having a good soap in your daily routine skin care is a must. It can cure endless issues such as hyperpigmentation, acne, scars and many other types.

As I was ageing, the stress could be seen on my skin. The quality had started deteriorating and wrinkles were making me look older. As a model I had to take care of my beauty and nurture it in every possible way. Making use of Whitening Soap was a basic necessity. Also, while buying I had to make sure they do not contain any harsh chemicals that would affect my sensitive skin. Deep inside I knew that, I would be needing these soaps for a long period of time. Getting supplies at discounted rates from stores was impossible. So I decided to buy them online.

I came across numerous portals that offered a variety of Whitening Soap and other products. There were many websites that offered affordable rates, but some were chemical based. I quickly filtered my search and started looking for natural products. Soaps that made use of Deionized Water, Glutathione, Fruit extract, Kojic Acid and other products were what I was looking for. Such products were safe and very effective and guarantee results. As I surfed the internet, I came across this renowned website.

It was a huge portal that offered a variety of beauty products at affordable rates. To make it better, they offered discounts and shipping services. It was a steal. The website was well designed and had sections for different kinds of products. This made my search efficient and I could quickly reach a variety of  skin whitening soaps with ease. The products were on display and had a detailed description given below. There were also reviews and rating given by first hand users that were very useful. What more could I ask for?

I went through the description and the list of ingredients that were enough to educate me with the soaps. The products were made of natural ingredients and were made by maintaining high quality standards. I soon placed and order and got a good discount. The products arrived at my doorstep after a few days and soon I started using them.

After using them for a week along with other essential products, I could see the results. My skin started getting smoother and softer. The glow was returning and my wrinkles were subsiding. It felt good. Every morning when I looked in the mirror, I felt my confidence come back to normal. As days passed by my beauty started getting noticed and I signed a few contracts. What more could I ask for? In case you are looking for affordable whitening products, make sure you buy them online.

Tips on Shopping for Blender

Blender – is not a whim but a necessity in the kitchen. No matter how good you are with a knife or a wire whisk, it is quite difficult to quickly make mousse of fresh-frozen berries or crush ice by hand. That is why we have decided to clarify two main types of blenders so that you can choose the one you like. In addition, there are many models like Philips, Vitamix etc. so you have plenty of choices.

Immersion blender – Partial solution

Hand blenders resemble a small plastic or metal baseball bat with a button. It is immersed in the container and is used to whip liquids inside that container. Such blender is very convenient for certain tasks, and it is cheap, but it has obvious drawbacks. After one minute, cheap blenders usually heat up and begin to smell of burnt wiring. In addition, the quality of whipping often leaves much to be desired, because the capacity of such a blender is often less than that of a stationary. This, of course, does not apply to luxury models. However, is it worth buying an immersion blender if you can buy a stationary one with great characteristics for the same price? But for owners of mini-kitchens and those who are going to shake up a smoothie for their child, an immersion blender will do.

Big, fast and powerful

Undoubtedly, a large and powerful stationary blender is the best option. Keep in mind that power should not be less than 800 kW for a blender to work without any problems or overheating while grinding ice, frozen fruits, vegetables or nuts. By the way, the more powerful a blender is, so louder it is, so do not even try to find a quiet model.

The speed of a blender is also an important parameter. It is better if it works in several modes. Modern blenders even have a certain pre-programmed modes: all you have do it is just push a button.

The size of a bowl (pitcher) is also very important. What is the point if a blender is equipped with a bowl the size of a teapot? So choose a bigger bowl (pitcher). Ideally, it should be made of glass. A pitcher should have a tight-fitting lid; otherwise, you will have to wash healthy smoothies off the walls of your kitchen. In addition, pay attention to the base of the unit. You should choose a blender with a wide and heavy base. Such unit during its operation will not be jumping all over the table.

Ease of use and a nice bonus

Blenders can be equipped with either mechanical switches and buttons or with a touchpad. Some prefer mechanical switches, believing that this way of using a blender is more reliable. But it is an arguable point. A touchpad has a significant advantage: it is very easy to take of care of the surface of such a blender.

Before buying a blender, you should read some reviews from owners of different blenders on the Internet. The collected information will help you understand what kind of blender you want to buy and you will not have to regret your choice! In case you want to buy a stationary blander but you have no place to put it, remember that you can always browse some selection of kitchen cabinets on the Internet.

Incredible Furniture Deals on Cyber Monday

When my sister told me she was going to get a new living room suite this past summer, I told her to hold off for a few months. Last year, when I was doing some online Christmas shopping, I came across some incredible Cyber Monday furniture deals, and I had a feeling that the deals this year were going to be just as impressive. I showed her a site that I used last year, and I was surprised to see that there was already information about Cyber Monday shopping for this year. I was glad too, because I was able to show her a lot of the furniture deals that were available last year to online shoppers.

I did not buy any furniture myself, but I just may get a few things this year after looking at the same page on the site that I showed her.

How to Save on Trainers

Shoes can be expensive, especially shoes specialised for a certain purpose. For example, running shoes are designed to do one specific task better than any other shoes; they’re made for running. They are not absolutely essential for running, but if you want to stay healthy and successful while running for a very long time, you’ll probably need to invest in a pair of running-specific shoes. The manufacturers of these shoes know that you need them for specific tasks. So, they charge exorbitant rates for specific shoes, because you’ll need them to complete certain tasks. Manufacturers of trainers do the same thing; in fact, these are usually the same company. So, you probably have a hard time affording them, but they are good shoes. These companies stay in business, because they produce high-quality shoes that help you accomplish your goals. So, how do you get these quality shoes at a price that doesn’t hurt your wallet?

Online Shopping

Buying shoes online is a great way to save money on the cost. This is especially true if you already own a pair of the shoes you want. If you own a pair of trainers that are just worn out, and you want another pair of the same shoes, you can go online to order the same pair. Since you’re ordering the same shoe or the same style, you know that they’ll fit and you won’t have to try them on. Also, shoes of different styles but the same brand tend to function the same way. So, if one pair of shoes from a manufacturer fits pretty well, a similar style will probably fit just as well. You should make sure you read the reviews from customers who will tell you if it fit as expected or otherwise.

Online retailers tend to offer lower-priced shoes, because they do not have the same fees and overhead that brick and mortar stores have. Brick and mortar stores have to pay their employees, property taxes, and various building fees. Because of that, they have to charge even more for their shoes to make a profit. Online retailers do not have these requirements, so they’re able to charge less for the shoes and pass the savings on to you.

Last Year

Shoes come out in models, much like cars. Manufacturers tend to debut a model and then update it every year or so. Sometimes, they wait two years. Whenever a shoe debuts, they manufacture millions of pairs of the shoes and send them off to be sold. But what happens when they do not sell? They end up in warehouses that try to put the shoes on clearance to make room for more shoes. So, these online retailers tend to sell the clearance shoes at serious discounts, because they want to get them out of the way and make room. These cheap men’s trainers might not be the newest models, but they are great shoes from great manufacturers at lower prices. They’re brand new shoes that are only a few months out of date.


Lingerie trends grabbing the attention of every age woman 

Shopping is always a fun activity and buying lingerie is amid woman’s favourite products. By birth women have a desire to look good and presentable, no wonder they are enthusiastic always while considering lingerie shopping. For having an attractive appearance one need not have to follow the complicated path but rather to show their best, females require something which can support and boost their appearance like lingerie. Shopping for lingerie is a mandate activity as they believe that slipping in sexy lingerie will help to define their womanhood. No matter whether it is bras, panties, shapewears or others, women’s lingerie business always are in high demand.

Female lingerie is full of styles, colours, designs and trends which run via the seasons. The market in today’s era is driven via the advent of latest fabrics and technologies that further aids to create innovative lingerie. A few of the most favoured innovative lingerie range include seamless bras having laser cut and moulded t-shirt bras. Considering the rising craze for sexy lingerie amid the females, the designers and manufacturers too have begun to lay more emphasis on fabrics that are rich looking as well as laces and embroideries of brighter colours. Following the changing trends with respect to style and fashion, the lingerie demand in the market definitely has gone up in the last couple of years.

Following the evolving time, the desires and needs of the female gender too has undergone a change owing to the fact that women are becoming much sophisticated today. Earlier women wore lingerie for three basic reasons namely for modesty, for hygienic reason and most importantly to correct their shape. They were initially keener to choose bra size but today they are keener to go for panties and bras that fit the body perfectly. No wonder women of the current age have turned more selective when it comes to their lingerie solely because they desire to go for an absolutely glamorous look.

No matter whether one is a mature lady or a bubbly teenager, they have to admit that lingerie offers them with the freedom and framework to slip on any style of apparel they like. No matter what a woman is wearing outside, the secret always is underneath. The modern boutiques today are helping women to exploit their assets to the utmost extent and at the same time enhancing their looks. They come up with the finest range of intimate wear and hosiery that gives women both the style and comfort on the passionate and romantic nights.

Whatever a female’s age, designer lingerie is definitely the ultimate need, either for making a statement or for comfort. As a woman ages, her lingerie turns into an intimate attire. Over the years lingerie designs and materials have undergone many changes. Earlier what was regarded as appealing and sexy has in the last few years have undergone many transformations. It is this lingerie trends which has continued in flowing back as well as forth all through the last few years and even today. Today lingerie is manufactured for every intention and situation such as padded lingerie, backless, strapless, air and gel filled and sexy underwear for mens and much more. The list also includes babydoll lingerie, chemise, teddy, wedding thong and sexy thong along with a wide range of daily bras and panties.


Choose perfect flower headband for a baby

Choose perfect flower headband for a baby

Shopping with regard to get headband for a baby as well as baby locks clips isn’t just interesting but additionally overwhelming. The spectacular variety is simply too difficult in order to resist. Don’t stop yourself and purchase headbands for your heart’s content material. Nevertheless, you have to make the best choice so that not just your infant enjoys wearing them but also your hard earned money is nicely spent.

Things to consider prior to making the actual purchase

First consideration may be the baby’s comfort and ease while she’s wearing the actual headband. Your child cannot however express himself and inform you how a lot uncomfortable the actual headband is actually. However, it is simple to gauge the woman’s discomfort by means of her gestures. If following wearing the actual headband for a baby, she gets quiet then could be the pressure from the item is an excessive amount of for the woman’s. Similarly, infants, who tend to be extrovert, may begin crying out loud after wearing an unpleasant headband. Some ladies are much more expressive plus they might simply try to eliminate the product by tugging at this.

Second point worth taking into consideration is the actual determination of how big the headpiece. The dimension of mind varies and you should know the present size associated with her mind before purchasing get headband for a baby in the store. Often, mothers purchase loose headbands believing that they’ll ensure much more comfort for that baby. This kind of headbands danger sliding away or these people assume a good awkward placement, sometimes addressing her eye, making the woman’s cranky. Therefore, you should make certain, when your child wears the band, it will comfortably choose her head as well as after your woman moves close to and performs with the woman’s toys, them should not really lose it’s place.

Measure your own girl’s mind and make the best choice

You don’t have to test and trigger discomfort towards the child. Make use of a measuring tape even though she is using her mind still, wrap the actual tape close to her head just as as the infant flower headbands might fit. Right now, note lower the dimension. Since the majority get headband for a baby have a minimum of one-inch associated with elasticity, deduct a good inch in the measurement. The ensuing figure may be the ideal dimension of infant flower headbands on her. Nowadays, for improving the baby’s level of comfort, headbands made from extra elastic material can be found. If one happens to lay on the job any this kind of baby blossom headbands, you’ll be able to get one which is two inches smaller than how big her mind.

What materials are utilized to help to make headbands?

While you will discover a good number of get headband for a baby clips made from plastic as well as fabric, for that headbands mainly nylon as well as cotton microfiber are utilized. Nylon is able to stretch, the industry major positive point.

Caleb Wong operates as a freelance writer for a number of internet publications, who shares opinion on different online shopping themes such as get headband for a baby and areas alike. A proud vagabond of internet community and an influencer in all having to do with the online shopping.

Helpful advice on selecting clothes for women

The world of online shopping is massive. The most popular item that people purchase online is clothes. In that category too, women’s online clothing beats men by a mile! So, in case you are look for more information o this subject, then please read this post and find useful tips on online shopping as well as women’s appeals. Various clients don’t have space timetable astute to get out to a store and search for refund brand name dress, which would make it less requesting for them to know the way of the things before purchasing. Furthermore, some adjacent outlet stores don’t have the decision needed for customers to find those in vogue, sensible dresses, jeans, shoes, or that impeccable top they had at the highest point of the need rundown. There are distinctive styles of dress, which can be secluded into different arrangements depending upon their cut. There are various styles of dress, from the accommodating dress that can be worn reliably, to the formal dress that is generally worn just on extraordinary occasions. In this late characterization is the outfit, made surely understood through distinctive youngsters’ story.

There are some ladies that have a troublesome time finding dress that fit them well. That is by virtue of there is a limited measure of clothing that is available. It is altogether more troublesome for a woman that is petite notwithstanding. Yet various retailers will pamper heavy size women, they may limit the measure of petite bigger size clothing that is open. What might you have the capacity to do in case you are petite notwithstanding make the most out of your size? Cropped pants have become quite popular in last few years. You will see everyone wearing them. So if you would like to get some petite cropped pants for yourself then do search for them on online clothing stores to get the best deal.

Make-up should be inconsequential, with lipstick and nail sparkle preservationist tones. Pantyhose should be flawless (no runs) and dynamic in shading. Do whatever it takes not to have great smell or cologne. Outline and women are skirting on conjoined. Generally all women tend to have the innate sentiment outline which is the reason they are inclined to turn out severely with their dressing sense. Regardless, every so often even the best of outline divas tend to mess up with their dress style. The vital reason behind such frame goofs is done absence of mindfulness about their body sort and shape.

You should pay exceptional personality to style that helps you to underscore the nature of your body and that allows you to cover its inadequacy meanwhile. Case in point, women who have slight figures should wear articles of clothing, for instance, one piece dress, V neck dresses that are impeccable to highlight their feeble waistlines. Women who have tall figures should not wear stripes that make them look tremendous and appalling. With a deciding objective to look truly chic, you go out and buy a top, shirt, skirt, sack and shoes-all in jaguar print. Terrible move. Investigating distinctive parkways with respect to patterns is fun, yet head-to-toe isn’t the way. Basically, don’t douse your storeroom with any single style or diagram. Payload pants are cool, yet not in the event that they’re the kind of pants you guarantee. Parity is key.

Author Bio: Theodore Gordon understands that this information about petite cropped pants will be useful for those readers which are looking for women’s online clothing now.

How to choose the sports children shoes?

Young children are extremely active. Running, jumping and constantly in motion for them norm rather than the exception. Therefore, without athletic shoes are indispensable. Especially since the days when owning a pair of brand new running shoes were considered true happiness in the distant past. Today, however, before the parents is another, not less difficult problem: not just to get shoes, but to choose among the variety the really high-quality pair of athletic shoes.

The main features of high-quality sports shoes

Start the selection of sports Rockport Canada shoes should be with a visual inspection. Running shoes should be light and flavorful. Uneven seams and glue stains stood out indicate the poor quality of shoes. The likelihood is low that the production of sneakers took into account health standards and requirements if the manufacturer did not properly take care of appearance of his products. It is necessary to try to bend the shoe sole. The sole should bend easily at the toe, and not in the middle.

Then you should take into account these details:

Backdrop. Backdrop heel of the quality running Rockport Canada shoes must be rigid, should not wrinkle when pressed. At the same time the upper edge of the heel should be soft so as not to rub or injure the leg.

The top of the shoe. Sport Rockport Canada shoes should be flexible. Any dents at pressing need to quickly straighten and disappear.

The foot in sneakers should not overheat and sweat. This requires that when producing the footwear were used natural materials or special synthetic, which provide ventilation. Typically, the top brand.

Rockport Canada shoes are made of synthetics, which are significantly stronger than leather or textile, and internal surfaces – made of natural fabrics.

To prevent rubbing, near the ankle, the high quality running shoes are equipped with exaggerated roller.

The lacing. Another important characteristic of athletic Rockport Canada shoes is reliable fixation of shoes on the foot.

In the running Rockport Canada shoes is used:

  • The regular lacing when lace is passed into round holes;
  • Lacing when lace is passed through the ring and in the area of the ankles clings with the special hooks;
  • The Velcro;
  • The combination of the lacing and Velcro.

The insole and instep. When you purchase the top brand Rockport Canada shoes, you should carefully examine the shoes inside. The shoes should not comprise the convex seams, creases and folds. The insole should necessarily be able for taken out. Typically, the seams are located under the insole. It is necessary the presence of arch support on the insole – a small bulge at the inner edge of the insole – an indicator of the quality footwear. The instep provides a physiologically correct fixation of the leg and works as a trainer for muscles of the foot, reducing strain on the muscles that are in hyper tonus, and loading the ones that have not worked.

Vicki Ingram enumerates additional facts about Rockport Canada shoes which you can even shop online now.

Can You Make Money Gaming

If you are an enthusiast on video, computer and online games and you want to make something worthy about this interest, you can actually make money playing video games. One of the best ways is to become a game tester, something I did for the game Tu 46! It was a great experience and one that I will carry with me for some time because of how well it paid while allowing me to learn a lot in the process.

How to take care of Imitation Jewellery

Mahi Fashion Jewelry explains the basics of your Imitation Jewellery Care

  • Keep the jewellery away from direct heat, water, perfumes, deodorants and other strong chemicals as they may react with the metal or plating.
  • The plating composition of Jewellery is as such that perspiration (sweat) will not damage it.
  • Wipe Jewellery gently with chamois cloth or leather swatch after every use. Wiping the jewelry with a soft cloth after removing the jewellery would add to its life.
  • Preserve your Jewellery in the original box or in a soft cloth pouch.
Mahi Cares for your long lasting imitation jewelry

Beauty in Arabia

For Saudi Arabian women, physical beauty is vitally important. The greatest asset that an Arabian woman has here in this society is a pretty face. I learned this early on when I first met my husband back in our mid-20s, when I was much thinner, cuter, and younger. During get togethers with his Middle Eastern friends, the topic of pretty women would often come up, and they all always agreed that a woman’s physical beauty is much more important than her intelligence or her personality. I remember thinking how shallow Middle Eastern men must be if the attribute of a nice looking physical appearance was really what they look for most in a woman.

“What if she’s pretty but a real bitch?” I asked several of Adnan’s friends. “It doesn’t matter as long as she is beautiful,” I recall them saying. I had a very difficult time understanding this perspective of theirs. Personality and intelligence were the qualities I had always found most attractive about a man. Of course there had to be some kind of physical attraction as well, but that certainly wasn’t what I ever considered the most important thing I looked for in a man.

Now that I have been living here in this country for eight months, it has shed some light on my understanding of why Saudi men place such a high value on a woman’s beauty. Since dating is not allowed and many couples barely know each other when they decide to wed, first impressions are of the utmost importance, and being fair of face weighs in heavily in this situation. It’s no secret here that a beautiful woman is much more desirable for marriage than one who is not so pleasing to look at. Physical beauty is really all Arab men have to go on to make their decision about who they want to spend the rest of their lives with. The number one goal in life for most women here is to marry, have children and take care of her family. The Koran commands marriage. In fact, it even instructs men to marry not based on the female’s beauty or wealth but on her devotion to the religion. This is in direct contradiction to my knowledge of what Saudi men look for in a mate.

Most women here in Arabia have very long and lustrous hair. Everybody in the world knows that most men prefer long flowing hair over short hair. I had wondered why many women wore the hijab (head scarf) wrapped so tightly around their heads, which is not exactly the most flattering way they could wear it. And basically, this is the reason they wear it that way – so they WON’T look attractive. I have also since learned that Muslim women are not supposed to wear their hair on top of their heads to give them height, as this makes them appear more attractive when wearing the hijab (hair covering) and this is against Islam. I have seen some younger women in the malls who are probably more vain than religious and wish to appear more attractive, so they might give themselves an added little boost on top of their heads under their hijabs. These are the same women who wear makeup to the mall as well, which is not supposed to be worn if you are to be seen by men other than your husband. I know that I feel better about myself when I wear a little makeup, but here I am not supposed to except to a wedding where only other women will be there. I am not supposed to wear makeup to family functions either because my brother-in-laws or nephews might get turned on by my exquisite beauty.

I don’t know whether men here fancy straight or curly hair, but I seem to think that this might just be a personal preference. My husband definitely favors soft straight hair like mine. I don’t know if this is because his hair is very frizzy, er, I mean, curly. It goes back to that grass is always greener philosophy. We always seem to want the things we don’t have, don’t we? I myself wouldn’t mind if my hair had at least a bit of a wave to it. My son has curly hair also and he too would prefer to have straight hair like mine. He would love to have blue eyes as well, instead of brown eyes.

Women with lighter eyes and fair skin are also more desirable here in Arabia too. Light eyes are rare within pure Saudi families, however people from other countries such as Turkey or Egypt who have settled here have brought some light eyes into the population.
As far as skin color goes, the preference here is definitely for lighter skin. Women with darker skin here though actually stay lighter because they are never exposed to the sun, therefore their skin never tans or freckles, stays softer and doesn‘t wrinkle as much or as early as their American counterparts who have spent lots of time outdoors.

My skin feels like sandpaper compared to the native women who have been covered up here all their lives. Score a point for the abaya!

When women go to weddings here, many of the woman wear a ton of borderline clown makeup. We are talking dozens of Tammy Faye look alikes slithering around in low cut backless evening gowns.
Now remember, men and women do not ever mix socially here, so women dress like this for other women only. I just think that they would look so much prettier with less makeup, but apparently they like the Tammy Faye look.

Something interesting about a Muslim woman’s beauty regimen I have learned about since I’ve been here concerns her eyebrows. I first noticed one day that my unmarried niece’s black thick eyebrows had the hairs on the top and the bottom of her eyebrows bleached a whitish yellow, leaving the hairs in the middle the dark natural color. I had never seen anything like this before, so I asked her about it. She bleaches part of her eyebrows which are naturally so thick and dark and heavy to make them appear thinner and more shapely. The part that is left natural is indeed very dark and thick – I even thought she had applied black eyebrow pencil but she hadn’t. Two of my nieces have to do this procedure to their eyebrows about once a week, as the bleaching gradually darkens back up with washing and showering. The dye job is done with a lightening powder and a cream base that they mix together and carefully apply to the hairs they wish to disguise. She leaves it on for about an hour, until it is a pale yellow color. Her mother’s eyebrows are not so heavy and thick, so she only does hers about once a month and only leaves the mixture on for about half an hour. Unless you look really closely, the bleached parts are not really noticeable and tend to just blend in and appear like skin.

According to Islam, women are not supposed to pluck their eyebrows because they are not supposed to change things about themselves because God made them that way. Actually, what I read says that the women who plucks her facial hair is “cursed.” (And by the way, filing the teeth and getting tattoos are also forbidden.) However, as I understand it, it is okay to dye parts of the eyebrows so they appear to be thinner and a different shape. I personally don’t quite understand the difference of why bleaching is allowed and plucking is not. Plucked eyebrows grow back and aren‘t a permanent solution, just like the bleaching is only a temporary fix. So why do Islamic women feel the need to do this at all if Islam says not to change the way God made them? Aren’t they changing their appearance as well by bleaching their eyebrows? Does it have to do with vanity and feeling attractive? If so, is this Islamic?

Women here are not supposed to make themselves appear attractive to other men. This is why they wear abayas, veils, cover their hair and are not supposed to wear makeup except for their own husbands or for other women. This society totally hides women from being viewed by other men, yet there is such a high value placed on a woman’s physical beauty. I’m figuring women do things like dying their eyebrows because it makes them feel more attractive, like I feel when I wear makeup – but to whom? To themselves? To other women? I just find things like this very confusing. I would love to understand this, but unfortunately the explanations I got from my hubby and his family didn’t clarify things for me and just confused me even more. To me, this is a very murky area.

Importance of Women’s Beauty in Our Society

The first thing we see, when we come out into the world, is light; the second thing, is a doctor in blue or white scrubs; and then thirdly, our mother, and, hopefully, our fathers, too. Importantly, our mothers are going to be the one thing we, as men, are going to be completely and utterly attached to, no matter what we do. It is in our blood, it is in our nature. It is said that the woman we choose is almost certainly going to be just like our mothers. Whether that is fact or fiction is entirely up to the perspective of the reader today.
Incohesively the materialization of man’s extra Y chromosome, women’s double-X chromosome, and the all-seeing, all-being genetics that we painstakenly obess over, has more to with survival than to do with astetics. With this conclusion we thusly have created a world with a perpetual state of proactive and reactive progression that has therefore, biproductly, caused this obession of genetics to occur in a modern civilzation. With this, we give birth to newborns to envision, for the first time, Mommy & Daddy, its creators!
By our civilization’s standards, we must have three things in order to feel comfort, success, and love of Oneself: We must be accepted, we must be loved, and we must have wealth. These three tie together in very general terminology that I for one can spend days articulating. Wealth, in itself, doesn’t necessarily mean money, or “dough,” the slag term. Wealth can be labeled as abundance of food, shelter, and resources (and even resources can be in regards to networking). Considering these factors of said “necessities,” that we painstakingly work for, day after day, we have come up with a system of trends, or “goals,” if you will. One of them being beauty of a woman; because (isn’t it so?) a woman is the birth-goer, the life-giver, the one who nurtures us and makes us strong and secure, aside from God Himself. We shall call this “The Ideal Woman.”
Certain trends started to occur since the dawn of time. One of them is the aesthetics of a woman’s body. Some of them include wide birthing hips, bigger-sized breast, hair that is long and luscious, a great facial structure, and (my personal favorite) a smile that can light up a million suns. These traits can make males in our society literal imbeciles, in some cases. Woman know this to be true. Considering the extent of this role of beauty, women have adapted in many ways than one. In Corporate America it is very much noticed that woman are insecure about their said looks because of the huge bar our society has set upon them. This billion-dollar business of beauty is dumping loads of resources into this just for the woman to spend most of their hard-earned money for one day’s, or night’s, visual of The Ideal Woman.
However, there is a slight contradiction from the male’s spectrum: Men, and all their adulterous attitudes (woman included into this), tend to become numb to woman and their beauty, in a very odd way. Since Corporate America has given woman the tools to have the bodies and faces that they have always dreamed of, naturally the male brain makes no connection to good or bad. Let me reiterate: Some of the modern male’s brain defines beauty as what is being said to him—possibly a form of brainwashing (i.e., pornography, magazines, news, MTV, et cetera). He makes no connection because if all the individual women are seeking his approval, he feels, in a way, entitled to so-called seduce each and every one of them. Women do not see it this way. Woman want tofeel good, and look good; or they tend to contest their fellow woman in a competitive state. Majority of men are unaware of this territorial battle of the sexes.
Now lets look at the male’s side of the spectrum. Woman have a totally different, more complex outlook than our fellow men. Woman do no care so much about the looks of a man, even though they admit it to be so, if you ask one. If a man was to be the most good-looking, but not goal-oriented, not savvy, not able to concur other men, not able to provide for her, then I’m regretfully sorry, no woman will put up with that nonsense. Woman want strength. This is a very general term because strength can be define by a few things (though not the only things): (1) The level of the man’s attitude toward himself and others, (2) The amount of freedom he gives to his woman, up to and including his lack of jealousy and his total acceptance of himself, (3) What he can do for her seriously, spiritually, and mentally, both in a challenging sense and in a lover’s sense. You see, if a man portrays himself as sexy, confident, and loved, woman respond to this wholeheartedly.
Men respond to a sexy, confident, “cool” girl, as well; but they are quick to judge and to formulate reasons to not continue to see her for the simple fact of what he sees. The battle of the sexiest is at its prime because woman want a man who makes them feel like a woman, with great visual undertones, and it’s the opposite for a male: he wants more visuals and less on what makes him feel. This conjunction can be said to be false, on pretenses that the author is using his/her own option, but this is a major idea that has been around for thousands of years. And it is true because without it, Corporate America would not be successful in this business. It is hopeful that life would not run this way, and I personally feel it improves as time goes on as the beauty of both individuals depreciates, but it is a simple fact when beauty is involved. This tends to occur, thusly, from ages 15 (sometimes lower) all the way to age 30 or 40 (sometimes higher), depending upon how long the individual’s beauty lasts and who is being attracted to it.
Now that you understand the nature of Beauty, I would like to tell you the reason for this matter: We need these superficial, egotistical stereotypes in other for our society to improve. In regards to health, some of the things that are deemed “unattractive” or “ugly” are actually bad for your health. Take, for example, a man or woman who is heavier than the average person. The reason this is frowned upon in regards to beauty is because fat causes heart problems, and also it shows a sense of perceived “gluttony,” even if the individual cannot help this matter. The insecurities rise and in front of the individual’s face is ads of other, more excited, happy individuals with lives that appear to be “successful,” in regards to acceptance, love, and wealth. This causes depression for those individuals, and for them to be suckered into another aspect of Corporate America: Gyms. Every new year more and more people sign up at a gym to achieve their Ideal Woman, or Ideal Body. What they fail to realize is that is it mostly irrelevant.
People have to stop this nonsense of trying to add up to societies standard of Beauty. We are in the 21-st century and most of these outlooks are obsolete. This doesn’t mean you should succumb to unhealthy approaches in your life, but what I want to articulate and explain is that you should, and should always, do the things that you personally love and that make you a happy go-getter. There is no boundaries in this regard; majority of individuals are put-down, or told they are ugly, for the simple fact that the individual that is saying those hateful things is a victim, too, of self-loathing prophecies. This creates a chain reaction, and in some ways makes me believe that the true enemy of the sort is Corporate America perpetuating the visual of Ideal Woman for their own selfish gain. We, as humans, buy into it because of our perceived necessity of acceptance, love, and wealth. They are literally using these against us, and we are on the loser’s end. The ones who are gaining are the one that are on the “Ideal” end of the spectrum: The people who do look the part of Ideal Woman.
It’s a disgusting battle, and a disgusting, never-ending ideal, that can’t and won’t be stopped unless we start living and start doing the things we want to do for ourselves and not for other’s sake. This is how a person can mature. But in our high schools, and in our youth, these clouded ideals are so profound because of the bullying, the abuse, and the lack of caring individuals that neglect the un-percieved Ideal beings. Once you start learning this, everything will come together and you will start owing it to yourself to feel the feeling of happiness, wealth and prosperity because then you’ll know that anything you’re doing you’re not doing because somebody told you to, you’re doing it because youwant to be doing it. And that, my friends, is real beauty!
If you would like to read more of my work in regards to beauty in our society, feel free to pick up and copy of my new best-selling novel, “A Lion in Your Number.” The main character is 22 years old and she is beautiful on the outside and Autistic on the inside. This defines how people view her and her wants and needs because they fail to see her, or believe her, as a person with a medical issue, because they only see her on the outside as a fine, beautiful individual. Pick it up for $12.99 on Amazon. I promise you won’t regret it. Thank you and God bless!